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The guards missed to Ukraine of two Russian actors

We are talking about Vladimir Seleznev and Olga Filippova. On March 24, the guards missed to Ukraine of two Russian actors who illegally visited the Crimea. It is reported by the state border service. One Russian actor found at the airport “Borispol”, he arrived on a flight from Minsk. The …

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Famous Hollywood actors transformed for filming

Leonardo DiCaprio and brad pitt appeared in the new retro-images. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio showed the first frame of the new film by Quentin Tarantino “Once in Hollywood”. In the picture he is together with a colleague on the set of brad pitt. Brad and Leonardo first approved for the main …

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It looks like doubles of famous actors. Photo

Without them our favorite films would not work. Certainly you are not just coming from the back and took someone else, oboznavshis. People of our collection is regularly confused with the famous actors, and no wonder, because they are their official stand-in during filming. Posture, hair, clothes — everything should …

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Famous actors named their most unloved role. Photo

The role of the actors, which they are ashamed to remember Not all role actors bring recognition and rewards. Moreover, some of his work Hollywood stars and did not want to remember because… they are ashamed. Jennifer Aniston The horror movie “Leprechaun” (1993) was the debut for Jennifer aniston. The …

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“The destroyer” with Nicole Kidman with two actors

After Nicole Kidman to the police Thriller “the Destroyer” (Destroyer) joined two other actors. Talking about canadian actress Tatiana Maslany, known for the TV series “Dark child” and Sebastian Stan, whom we know as Bucky Barnes or the Winter soldier – a friend-enemy of Captain America in the Marvel movies. …

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As are the attractive actors of the 90s. Photo

They have changed a lot. 1990-ies became famous for a huge number of favorite shows that were zasmotreny us to holes. Each favorite was his series: someone is rushed to the screen to see “Enchanted” somebody loved “Helen and the boys”, and someone was looking forward to the next series …

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