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Swedish economist: in 2024, the Russian collapse or a collapse of the world

Шведский экономист: в 2024 году Россия развалится или развалит мир

In 2024 Russia will take control of Montenegro, Bulgaria and Serbia, to Annex southern Ukraine and missile strike will sweep the face of the earth the whole of Stockholm. Yes, it’s another fantastic book, published in the West. And all anything (you never know, this paper is published with them), but this story is trying to impose a local inhabitant as a realistic forecast of probable events (“the Russians have already started to implement this scenario”).


It is important to note the date: 2024. It is mentioned more and more often. We will remind, more recently, for the authors of such scripts cherished milestone was 2017. For a long time, some of them repeated: “In 2017, Russia will fall apart”. And the question, why then, many of them replied: “Intuitively, identified this date”. Seventeenth year had passed and all those who prophesied the catastrophe began to come up with a new day. Now at least they have some sort of explanation next milestone: in 2024, as you know, planned regular elections of the President of Russia.

Total: Ukrainian resources distribute new predictions that after 2024 the Russian Federation definitely will tear.


The militant right-wing group C14, which even the US state Department ranked as “hate groups” began their campaign on the move in Crimea, which force drivers to pass on the poster “Krymchanin, wait for Ukraine! 2024!”

The West is also actively talking about will there be chaos in Russia in 2024, or will cost.

And finally, the move went fantastic, “zvirblienes sight”.

So, incidentally, was before the 2017 year. In 2016 sergacheva moved as if a fantastic book is “2017. The war with Russia.” The author was a senior British General Richard Shirreff, who was the Deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe. According to his creation, the insidious Kremlin started an operation against the West may 9, 2017, on may 18, the first victim of the Russian army had to fall Latvia, and on may 27, a Russian submarine Krasnokamensk in the Baltic sea drowned the head carrier Fleet by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth.

Then this book was just as delusional fantasy of a retired General, but as a real scenario. It was used as argument in the debate about the perfidy of Russia at the round tables discussing various Kremlinologists. The seventeenth year — and it was quickly forgotten.

It would be strange, if now without remake. In Sweden published in the book “Collapse-2024”. It is described as the 24th wily Russian will unleash global hybrid war against the West. First they will take control of the financial system, in order to neutralize the impact of the economic sanctions against him. And then start to seize other countries.

That is characteristic: in this crazy book is interwoven with the names of real politicians and public figures in Russia today. Only Putin is mentioned 89 times. And demonized in the West, the businessman Prigogine do personally sodeistvye right and left.

The scenario book the aggressive actions of Russia insidious begins with Montenegro, where armed to the teeth gang of bikers “Night wolves” (who else) will have a coup. Then Russia will move Serbia and Bulgaria. Then the Kremlin will begin the invasion of southern Ukraine from Crimea and… the same in Bulgaria (well, not noticed fiction on the map of Romania lying between Bulgarians and Ukrainians). The operation will be conducted with one simple goal: “Pretty soon Prigogine become Russian vassal Governor of the state of Ukraine”. Well, the ultimate victim will be the Stockholm that Russia will explode, in order to intimidate the West. Moreover, the choice of targets is also explained simply: because Sweden is not a NATO member, the Western allies did not come for her.

What is the Kremlin, the FSB, the GRU (fiction lists the many Russian organizations, whose names he once heard) is it necessary? All for the same reason: to keep power in their hands after 2024. That is, describes all the same “symptoms 2024”, which raves about Ukraine, but the goal is different: Sweden is now actively broken lances on the question of possible accession of the country to NATO, so the Swedes need to intimidate.

The saddest thing is that the author of this imagination — too (as in the case with General Shirreff) is quite famous in my country people. Swedish economist, a regular contributor to major local publications, winner of the “Best book of the year” according to several financial Newspapers Stefan Folster.


Creation that contains obvious signs of slander, actively untwisted in the Swedish press and is positioned as a wise warning “naive Sweden” (readers report that Moscow allegedly “already implementing” this script).

Holster on the pages of Svenska Dagbladet (one of the most popular Newspapers in the country) in all seriousness says: “All the pieces of the puzzle — a crime that happened recently, are already committed, but not yet disclosed. <…> So my Thriller — not just entertaining reading, but also a good occasion to reflect on the future of Sweden”. That is, the Scandinavian man in the street needs to take it not as the delusions of a writer, but as a serious analyst.

Almost certainly for a Swedish economist-science fiction, others will follow.

And when 2024-th sink into Oblivion, then come up with a new milestone.

But Russia, as you know, “here-here will collapse” in its history. We are used to.


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