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US drivers in traffic collapse after major storm

Federal authorities have stepped in after snowfall caused congestion on the roads and drivers to eventually be stranded for nearly 24 hours on a highway. The US Department of Transportation announced in a Tuesday afternoon tweet that the Federal Highway Commission is in contact with Virginia transportation officials, following massive …

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How the Soviet Collapse transformed Russia forever

To this day, the history of its breakup remain relevant to people in Russia and in former Soviet republics, as the end of a strict dictatorship also signaled national revivals. Despite their dominant role in the USSR, as the largest member state, this applied to Russians as much as any of …

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Grab popcorn & watch US dollar collapse – Max Keiser

“The US dollar has been losing world reserve status for decades. With or without bitcoin, the dollar is toast,” the host of RT’s Keiser Report and prominent crypto advocate says. Many members of the US Congress are concerned about the US dollar’s fate, and whether it will be able to …

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USSR could have avoided collapse – party leader

Speaking to RIA Novosti on Wednesday, Sergey Baburin, the leader of the nationalist Russian All-People’s Union party said that the union “is a historical form of Russian civilization in the 20th century.” According to him, the Belovezha Accords, signed three decades ago on December 8 between the leaders of the …

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