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Scientists made an interesting discovery about sharks

Ученые сделали интересное открытие об акулахSharks are the shoulder instead of the language.

To swallow food, sharks shrug, found by researchers from brown University with the help of x-rays.

The language of sharks is a fold of the mucous membrane of the mouth and does not have its own muscles, so they can’t use it to promote food farther through the digestive tract. Using x-ray reconstruction movement, the researchers found that this sharks move a shoulder belt. When they move him back, literally sucks the food into the esophagus. To capture this, the researchers fed three alapetite cat shark fish pieces.

As this species is rather long SIP, the researchers believe that it is part of a kind of “hydrodynamic tongue”. As soon as the shark closes mouth, her shoulder girdle is shifted to 11°. Previously it was thought that he needed the sharks only for the movement of the fins.

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