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Scientists have managed to create an artificial iris of the eye

Ученым удалось создать искусственную радужную оболочку глазаEmployees of the Technological University of Tampere, Finland, has created a unique iris of the eye, which is the ability to respond to light.

Scientists believe that with the help of new developments will be able to restore sight to blind people.

To create artificial iris experts from the Technological University of Tampere used liquid crystal elastomer that has the ability to change its shape during the interaction with the heat. This material was used by scientists to develop a 14-millimeter disk, separated into 12 parts, similar to the petals. In the dark these “petals” curled and formed in the middle of the circle something similar to a pupil.

In order to drive reacted to light, the scientists added in the material with a special red dye. While the invention is not fully finished, because now the iris only reacts to artificial light having a greater brightness.

However, scientists are confident that in the future the development will be able to develop and use modern medicine for the treatment of blind people.

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