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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about mushrooms

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о грибахMushrooms are able to transmit the information.

Billions of years ago mushrooms to transmit biological information with filiform outgrowths, scientists say.

Perhaps the mushrooms were there much earlier, on a 999 – 998 millions of years, rather than the first people. It is believed that their descendants were primitive unicellular flagellated organisms, which is colorless and lived in the water. Scientists had not determined whether the fungi plants, or they should determine the category of animals.

Mushrooms have learned to transmit biological information even billions of years ago, which has created its own “Internet”. Underground mushrooms were created, the so-called network of hyphae that constitutes the outgrowths in the form of threads. They need to give the fungi access to different nutrients. Mushroom roots have mycorrhiza, kind of reminiscent of “covers”. These “covers” to protect various plants from drying out, leaving the substance supply through the network of hyphae.

Alexander Kurkov, head of the Department of Mycology and Algology, biological faculty of Lomonosov Moscow state University, said that plants can communicate via mycorrhizae. Because of this, they send each other signals, support, nutrients and water.

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