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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about chickens

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о курахChristianity and the domestication of chickens related.

UK scientists made an interesting discovery: they have linked together the process of domestication of chickens and the spread of Christianity. Finally chickens are domesticated birds relatively late, namely, in the IX-XI centuries of our era, and this is due to the traditions of Christian posts.

About the study mentioned in the edition of Molecular Biology and Evolution.

According to Anders Ericsson, an expert at Cambridge University, a sharp increase in the number of chickens associated with customs that originated among the monks of the Benedictine. The priests were convinced that some time, no meat-eating animals, but this did not extend to the flesh of birds. Faith was the fact that people began to have chickens as poultry.

Analysis scientists it is obvious that in the year 920 ad, the hens have got variations of genes, which increased the number postpone eggs and decreased aggression and fear of man. Exploring the remains of ancient hens and cocks, the researchers were able to argue that first, these birds fulfil a decorative role, and later they began to eat.

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