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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about giraffes

Ученые сделали удивительное открытие о жирафахZoologists were told how dangerous lightning for giraffes

Two months ago, a Reddit user under the nickname Infernograve asked a question on the forum, which is now one of the most popular: “the Lightning strikes giraffes more often than in other animals?”.

Giraffes high. Sometimes their growth can reach 6 m. it Seems logical that in a particularly dashing storms, these animals become easy targets for lightning, and therefore are more likely to catch the heavenly electrical discharge.

According to zoologist Darren Naisha, between 1996 and 1999 in the two reserves in South Africa killed two giraffe, which was struck by lightning. In 2003, the storm did not survive the giraffe from Florida (USA). In 2011 an electrical engineer from the University of Putra (Malaysia) Chandima Gomez wrote that the high animals like giraffes or elephants are more vulnerable to lightning because of the discharge instantly damages their vital organs.

However, the exact number of dead and injured from a lightning strike giraffes don’t exist, so it is difficult to conduct comparative analysis with other, lower animals, said Live Science.

In any case, giraffes are not threatened with extinction from lightning — they are too rarely reach the earth’s surface.

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