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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about fish

Ученые сделали удивительное открытие о рыбахRemoved from the water the fish does not die from suffocation, as all are accustomed to consider.

New scientific studies have shown that the death of aquatic life comes from physical exhaustion.

The procedures performed autopsies of the dead fish showed that traces of asphyxiation the body was found. Studies have found that fish until the last moments of his life is not lacking in oxygen. She died from physical obessolivanija.

Exhaustion can only be achieved on dry land and without water it exist, as you know, long time. Blame lethal dose of fatigue. About this say two things. In the body of the fish biologists found no substance glycogen, which is their main source of energy.

Instead, in a large number in the body of dead fish found lactic acid. This indicates incredible physical exertion undergone by the creature shortly before his death.

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