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Scientists have learned, when the Sun will burn all life on Earth

Ученые узнали, когда Солнце сожжет все живое на ЗемлеIt turned out that every 110 million years, the Sun will heat up by 1%.

A group of American researchers from the University of Colorado determined when the Sun will finally make life on Earth impossible. According to scientists, this happens approximately after 1.5 billion years.

Cause damaging effects to the planet experts call a positive trend in the increase in the temperature of a star. So, according to the latest estimates, every 110 million years, the Sun becomes 1% hotter. In the end, after 1.5 billion years, this process will reach the figures, when all the water on the surface of the globe will simply evaporate. Without the main source of life existence on the planet, all living beings would be impossible.

Previously, scientists of the Academy of Sciences predicted that the Universe is waiting for the fate of the bubble. According to the Observatory, Nizhniy Arkhyz Oleg Verkhodanov, its “torn to shreds” after 30 billion years.

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