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Scientists have figured out why there were all alive

Ученые выяснили, с чего появилось всё живоеA unique study.

Scientists in Canada and the USA investigated was found in Canada, the instance of the fossilized remains of algae Bangiomorpha pubescens and determined its age. According to paleontologists, it could be 1.2 billion years.

Researchers from Canada and the United States were studied instance of fossilized algae Bangiomorpha pubescens, during which it was determined that the ancient organism with the ability to photosynthesize had eukaryotic structure of cells. Given the age of the finds, which can be approximately 1.2 billion years, this kind of algae can be the ancestor of all the organisms on Earth.

As we know, the appearance of eukaryotes in the course of evolution became the watershed event that changed the fate of the biosphere. Thanks to eukaryotes appeared the possibility of the emergence of more complex multicellular organisms, of which later evolved the man himself.

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Still common and the most ancient ancestor of both eukaryotes and prokaryotes, was considered locura microorganisms found in the Arctic ocean at a depth of more than 3 thousand meters.

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