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Scientists have discovered micro-organisms with the “ancestors” of all viruses

Ученые обнаружили микроорганизмы с «предками» всех вирусовWithin the identified microorganisms may be precursors of viruses

Scientists from the University of New South Wales discovered in Antarctica microorganisms, which are perhaps the ancestors of viruses.

The results of the study of the detected microorganisms was published in the journal Nature Microbiology.

The lake, which was discovered microorganisms with unique properties, according to scientists, formed about 3.5 thousand years ago, after the formation of the Antarctic continent.

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Within the identified microorganisms according to the researchers, may be the precursors of viruses. We are talking about a ring-shaped DNA molecules. Viruses look like a molecule of DNA or RNA, which are placed in a protective protein shell – the capsid. This protein encoded in the virus genome.

Scientists suggest that these organisms have evolved into infectious agents that can live at high temperatures and in salty environment.

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