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What God believed by our ancestors?

I have a question for the article on “faith in God, transmitted by the ancestors”. I would like to clarify which ancestors are meant. My mom and dad, for example, were educated in the Soviet Union, the continuation of which now want to declare the Russian Federation, and in any …

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Scientists have found the true ancestors of man

The usual theory is broken to smithereens. The ancestors of humans repeatedly left Africa before settling in Europe. A group of scientists from the max Planck Institute and the University of Hawaii at Manoa came to the conclusion that the ancient Homo sapiens several times left Africa and mixed with …

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As traveled by our ancestors. Photo

In ancient times, people went to travel. July, summer is in full swing. All progressive humanity is committed as soon as possible to leave a stuffy office and to go to the sea, in the mountains or any other pleasant place. Especially for vacationers, as well as regular travellers tell …

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Found the earliest ancestors of modern humans

The new discovery could refute the General scientific consensus that mankind evolved in a single “cradle of humanity” in East Africa about 200,000 years ago. The study of the fossils of five ancient human ancestors have shown that Homo sapiens originated at least 100,000 years earlier than previously thought. This …

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