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Scientists have discovered a surprising discovery on the moon

Ученые обнаружили удивительную находку на ЛунеIt turns out that the satellite of the Earth has sufficiently large reserves of water.

Until now it was thought that the moon is very dry and there can be no life. Two American scientists studied the satellite photos and say that the water can be contained within the satellite.

The moon may be significantly more water than was thought until now. Under the crust of celestial bodies may contain large volumes of liquid – more than all the Earth’s oceans combined. To such conclusion scientists from the USA, which analyzed satellite images. The results of their study are published in the professional journal Nature Geoscience, which was released on Monday, July 24.

Scientists have noticed on the lunar surface traces of water of cells containing an unusually large amount of water. The liquid came to the surface of a celestial body from the inside, says one of the study co-author Ralph Milliken, quoted by the news Agency AFP. So, drops of water, which scientists first noticed on the moon in 2008, is no exception.

2008 in samples of magma that has collected on the moon by the astronauts of the Apollo mission that first discovered the water. So scientists have abandoned the theory, the Moon outside and inside is dry and on it life is impossible.

We must now find out how much water is inside the moon. That is, we can assume that the presence of water – a common symptom of a celestial body. And maybe, on the moon there are some areas, rich water, said Milliken.

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