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Russia is facing a bombardment of asteroid – NASA

России грозит астероидная бомбардировка - NASAIn 2017 Russia may fall 4 asteroid.

The latest report from the space Agency NASA shows that at the end of 2017 Russia can fall from 4 asteroid.

All in all, the next 10 years around the Earth will fly 114 space objects, the size of which surprised with its size.

The scientists emphasized that their information would likely come true. The fact that NASA has recently created a program for the study of space objects. Within the study of the trajectory of the asteroids, they came to the conclusion that 114 asteroid will fly close to the Ground.

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The diameters of some of them exceed 50 meters, which is more than 2 times more than the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Experts noted that on the territory of Russia in November can fall two space object of small size. Previously, they landed in the Far East. Two asteroid will fall in the Central part of Russia.

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