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Quake Champions is preparing for a major update

Quake Champions готовится к крупному обновлениюWait for a new hero, new map and not only.

Fans of Quake Champions, mark it on your calendars on December 14th! On this day, Bethesda Softworks, id Software and Saber Interactive will release one of the biggest updates in the history of the game. Wait for a new hero, new map and more!

Quake Champions returns Keel — you could see it in Quake III Arena and Quake Live. Active skill the hero — “covering fire” which fires at enemies with grenades. Passive skill “Reserve” reduces the cooldown of “Fire” whenever the Keel picks up a box of ammunition.

For “Duel” mode available, the map of Vale of Pnath. This location, with an emphasis on verticality, where around every corner lurks danger. Experience the Vale of Pnath in the one on one battles and two on two.

Finally, Quake Champions will introduce a number of changes: for example, will earn the rating game with leaderboards, where you will be able to prove their superiority. Appear configure the scope: 40 kinds of shapes and different colors. To begin a festive celebration, where you can get animated skins for Champions and festive skins for weapons. In honor of game events is also decorated with maps and Burial Chamber Corrupted the Keep, the heroes can pull special hats, and on your profile — icons and signs.

The main features of the upgrade will get you free of charge. Restriction is only for the Keel — or you buy it for in-game platinum, or, for example, pay real money for the “Set of Champions”. The latter, as kindly reminds Bethesda, opens full access to all current and future characters Quake Champions.

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