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US claims Russia preparing ‘false flag’ in Ukraine

Russian operatives have been deployed to two breakaway regions in the east of Ukraine to create a false-flag operation as pretext for an invasion, several US news outlets have reported, citing an anonymous American official. A “group of operatives” trained in urban warfare and use of explosives has been sent …

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Is Russia really preparing an offensive against Ukraine?

On January 11, about 3,000 servicemen of the Western Military District launched military exercises at the combined arms training grounds in Voronezh, Belgorod, Bryansk and Smolensk regions, not far from Russia’s border with Ukraine and Belarus. The move has been a source of anxiety in the West with the US …

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Is Belarus preparing for life after Lukashenko?

Belarus is on track to undergo a series of symbolic political reforms by way of amending its constitution. The first draft of the new document has recently been unveiled to much fanfare outside the country. But what might it mean? Opinion pieces in both the Russian and Western media have …

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Israel preparing military option against Iran – media

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz told US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin about preparations for a potential military strike against the country’s arch-nemesis Iran during his visits to the US, multiple Israeli outlets reported Saturday. Gantz met top US officials, including Lloyd and the Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on Thursday. …

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China ‘likely’ preparing Taiwan invasion – Pentagon

Testifying at the Senate Foreign Relations hearing on Wednesday, Assistant Defense Secretary for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Ely Ratner sounded alarms over Taiwan’s safety, insisting that Washington must help it to counter a “real and dangerous” threat from China. “Bolstering Taiwan’s defenses is an urgent task,” he said, adding “We are …

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UK govt tenders suggest London could secretly be preparing for lockdowns to last until at least 2022

On April 26, the UK government published a tender in search of 60 new “covid marshals” in the district of Hertfordshire. The contract, offered to “public security, law and order [and] compulsory social security services” providers, is set to run July 2021-January 2022, and cost £3 million. Marshals were introduced in October 2020 to help businesses manage queues, …

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