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QAnon for Democrats? Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi suggest Putin ORDERED Trump to launch Capitol siege in unhinged interview

The House speaker sat down with the failed 2016 presidential candidate for an interview on Clinton’s podcast, ‘You and Me Both,’ on Monday, where they discussed the bout of chaos in Washington, DC earlier this month. At one point during the conversation, Clinton argued that President Donald Trump “has other agendas” – though hastened to add that “I don’t think we yet know” what those are – wondering aloud about “who pulls his strings.”

“I would love to see his phone records to see whether he was talking to Putin the day the insurgents invaded our Capitol,” Clinton said, asking Pelosi: “Do you think we need a 9/11-type commission to investigate and report everything they can pull together and explain what happened?”

Pelosi responded in the affirmative, saying that when it comes to Trump, “all roads lead to Putin.”

“I don’t know what Putin has on him politically, financially or personally, but what happened last week was a gift to Putin. Because Putin wants to undermine democracy in our country and throughout the world,” Pelosi added confidently, despite being fuzzy on the details.

“These people are the *last* ones with any moral standing to rant about conspiracy theories & disinformation,” wrote journalist Glenn Greenwald, adding: 

Others weighed in to ask whether Twitter’s policies against conspiracy theories and “dangerous disinformation” – harshly enforced for the QAnon community – would apply to Clinton and Pelosi’s baseless musings, joking that they are likely to “sow discord” in the US political scene.

In line with Pelosi and Clinton’s conspiracy-minded conjecture, an ex-romantic interest of one of the Capitol rioters came forward last week to allege the House speaker’s laptop was stolen from her office so it could be sold off to Russian intelligence. Though the alleged deal was said to have gone sour and never took place, the FBI says it has been unable to confirm whether the story holds water.

While no evidence of foreign government involvement in the Capitol riot has yet come to light, the FBI has nonetheless launched a probe into the possibility, examining in particular a series of payments equalling more than $500,000 in bitcoin made to key figures involved in organizing the protest and allegedly sent by a French national who had since committed suicide.

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