Saturday , November 28 2020
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Republicans & Democrats clash over how to celebrate Thanksgiving amid pandemic after AOC says her family will gather via ZOOM CALL

“Time to get creative, folks,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Thursday night after Politico reporter Erin Durkin said the progressive politician will gather with her family members for the holiday on a Zoom call. Ocasio-Cortez’s adoring followers praised her idea and thanked her for “modeling responsible behavior.” Some offered ways to tweak the …

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Democrats, Never-Trumpers compiling ‘lists’ of Trump supporters in case ‘they try to deny complicity’ in future

As ballots continue to be tallied across several battleground states three days after Americans hit the polls to select their next president, knives are coming out among some of Trump’s detractors. A new initiative dubbed the “Trump Accountability Project” is compiling names of  administration officials and the president’s high-profile supporters …

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Can a Biden presidency put an end to Russiagate, or will Democrats continue to wield Neo-McCarthyism to consolidate power?

Despite the hysteria it unleashed in the press, Russiagate didn’t reveal any actual collusion between US President Donald Trump and the Russian government, although it did expose how democratic institutions are threatened by corruption in the political-media class. What happens when the anti-Russia barrage is used to target the political …

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