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Orbiting the earth and noticed a strange space debris

На земной орбите заметили странный космический мусорScientists were able to detect among the vast space of flying film.

In orbit there is a huge number of objects that have a small mass and relatively huge amounts.

Russian cosmologists are faced with the presence in orbit of some objects that have a small mass but a decent amount. Scientists say that in recent years in orbit, a lot of garbage, and these parts have a peculiar shape, so scientists called them films. Outwardly of outer film are reminiscent of fragments or parts of aircraft objects. Often observers can see them on small telescopes.

Sometimes it happens that the flying space of the film are carriers of traces of radioactive elements. Well distinguish such objects are space films at the time of turn-to-Earth edge, but then their appearance loses its luster. Scientists claim that in recent time on orbit for about 24 thousands of objects that have a size of 10 cm, especially a lot of pieces which have a particularly small parameters.

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