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New Horizons is moving towards a “swarm” of asteroids

New Horizons движется к «рою» астероидовObject 2014 MU69 was less than expected by scientists.

“Either MU69 has a high reflectivity and less [in size] than previously expected, or it may be a double object, or even a swarm of smaller bodies remaining from the time the planets were formed in our Solar system,” — said the scientist.

To such conclusions the expert came, summarizing observations 2014 MU69. Of the coating object 3 Jun 2017 year was watched by over 50 astronomers from North and South America. Scientists have recorded changes in the proportion of reflected light in the vicinity of the proposed location 2014 MU69, but are unable to see it. The following monitor object is scheduled to be held on 10 and 17 July.

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Automatic interplanetary station New Horizons July 14, was at a closest distance from Pluto and its moons. It is expected that in 2019, the plant will reach the planetoid 2014 MU69 located at a distance of 1.6 billion kilometers from the dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt. The diameter of the asteroid is estimated at 45 kilometres.

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