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What is known about dangerous asteroids near Earth

On 30 June 1908 in Siberia fell Tunguska meteorite, which led to the largest asteroid disaster in the history of mankind. 30 June is the Day of the asteroid – an international campaign aimed at coverage of the asteroid hazard and possible methods of collision avoidance to the Ground. On …

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To the Ground flying several dangerous asteroids

The size of the asteroid is equal to the pitch In December close to Earth will fly several asteroids. The first celestial body – an asteroid “2017 RP2”, will approach our planet at 8,617 million kilometers. This event will occur at the winter solstice, December 21. The size of an …

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Ufologists found on one of the asteroids a giant UFO

Ufologists have discovered a strange silhouette. According to hunters of aliens, they managed to find the spaceship of the aliens, and the image of the European space Agency was deliberately obscured to hide the truth. Asteroid Lutetia was in 1852 by a French astronomer Hermann Goldschmidt, and the relatively short …

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NASA found 10 dangerous for the Earth asteroids

NASA experts have published data obtained with a telescope NEOWISE. Over the past year the machine has detected 97 unknown objects, 10 of which have been characterized by scientists as potentially hazardous to Earth. According to a senior researcher at the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA Amy Mainzer, thanks to …

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