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Near Cherkasy archaeologists have unearthed an ancient settlement

Archaeologists have unearthed 2 houses Trypillians.

In Cherkasy region, archaeologists found home of Trypillians, which is more than 6000 years.

They were found near the village of tal’yanka. There is the world’s largest settlement of the Eneolithic.

“We found quite unique for the time, for all the world eneolith pottery horns. Similar in the world history of technology appear only in the ancient period, that is, 2500 years after the Trypillians, ” says scientific Secretary of the Institute of archaeology of NAS of Ukraine Oleksii Korvin-Piotrovsky.

The house was probably two-storeyed, there were only walls. The roof has not survived, then it was made of cane or wood. Under the ground are still almost 3 thousand dwellings, the ruins of Tripoli.

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