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NASA said when they landed people on Mars

В NASA рассказали, когда высадят людей на Марс NASA plans landing humans on Mars in 2018.

Start of the expedition in may, and landing on the red planet in November. The main task of the study of soil, temperature measurement and sampling of rocks.

A manned mission to the Red planet will be the most ambitious space project of the current generation only until the first people will land on Mars.

But landing people on the red planet – that’s a pretty bold step and for its implementation requires careful preparation. First of all, you need to design the missiles and SPACECRAFT for delivery to a planet probes and people. In addition, NASA plans to project development and the construction of a lunar orbiting station. This station is needed in the role of a transit point on the way to other planets of our galaxy.

NASA was placed in the special Access Mars with a simulated landing on Mars the first men. While walking on the red planet is possible only virtually, but in spite of that for the guests of Mars prepared a full 3D map of the planet with the right to visit any corner of it without any risk to the health and human life.

The program is installed on a PC, tablet or smartphone running Android or iOS. On the map the red planet by the authors made in separate notes, which helps the traveler to navigate easier, and to determine its location and what it is remarkable. In addition, there is the opportunity to learn about important historical and scientific facts occurred here.

Know about the red planet that it is a cold lifeless desert, without the presence of living organisms. Experts have long snake concerned about the loss of Mars ‘ atmosphere, as there are many similarities between our planet and the red that suggests the idea that Mars had to develop at least minimal living conditions.

Not long ago, researchers obtained data from the NASA Maven, which found out that Mars has a magnetic tail capable of interacting with the solar wind to curl. This tail in the Solar system is only the fourth planet from the Sun, just the tail and the twisting, I believe the cause of the disappearance of the atmosphere on the red planet.
According to experts, this phenomenon is the result of magnetic coupling with fields of solar winds literally ripped off the “gas blanket” from Mars. Scientists suggest that this tail is pulled off charged particles of the atmosphere, kicking them in the vacuum of space and razladilis, the atmosphere dissipated in space. Researchers do not cease studying this magnetic phenomena, trying to obtain more accurate data about the magnetic field of Mars and the factors of its instability.

After starting CRS-12 from SpaceX and successful delivery of cargo to the space station, acting head of administration of NASA Robert Lightfoot, Jr., reported on additional issues that need to be addressed before sending it to Mars.
He opened the flight plan and noted that the ISS is a testing ground of the life support systems of the upcoming expedition to the Red planet, and the Moon will be further justified in the decisions set before space Agency objectives.

However, the acting head of administration of NASA explains that the flight to the Red planet and the possibility of survival in it are completely different tasks, but both equally important during one of the missions to which they want to make sure ready for anything. Therefore, according to him, just fly to the planet with a common goal of the landing and enthusiastic shouts of “we did it!”, no one will. Because space exploration is not merely symbolic about the conduct of the mission, because NASA plans to stay on Mars and founded in it a colony. And in the future, says Lightfoot, Jr., in their plans for the terraforming of Mars, though it is clarified that it may take millennia, if in truth this is actually implemented, in this regard, the Red planet will be developed gradually, but thoroughly. And the most important task to ensure the living there is access to a source of clean air for breathing. Acting head of administration of NASA said that the next Rover will send to Mars in 2020. He will participate in research for the extraction of oxygen from the atmosphere of the red planet, and these studies will be fundamental in the future development plans of Mars.

Mars atmosphere is much thinner than the Earth’s atmosphere, as well as on 95,32% carbon dioxide, 2.7 percent nitrogen, 1.6% argon 0.13% oxygen and several other elements in small quantities. Whereas in the atmosphere of the earth – 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The extraction of water on the red planet should not be a problem.
In 2014, NASA for the first time mentioned about sending in 2020 Rover that is to explore the possibilities of water extraction. In all likelihood you will need to send to Mars microorganisms — bacteria or algae which, using the soil of the red planet as “fuel”, will cleanse received and make suitable for breathing and as fuel for rockets to return to Earth.

However nowadays this can look quite futuristic, but laboratory studies give hope to count on the reality of this assumption. Therefore, the mission of the Mars Rover in 2020 will be fundamental in the future success of research on Mars. Another job that allowed b to make a safe life on the red planet is the formation of a magnetic shield similar to the shield around the Earth, as well as the development of a nuclear reactor, and, of course, the cultivation of potatoes, just as shown in the science fiction movie “the Martian”.

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