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NASA has developed a eternal Titan tires

 NASA разработало вечные титановые шины  Tires cannot be punctured.

NASA has developed a prototype of a new tire, designed for extreme conditions. She is super-elastic, impenetrable and made of titanium alloy.

If you send an expedition to Mars or the moon, think about tires for your vehicle, since it is clear that modern inflatable tyres for such conditions are suitable enough. Therefore, NASA has developed new tyres for this environment, but, of course, you can use them on the Ground.

To this end, the Agency has used an old project box spring tires — invented by NASA Glenn and Goodyear — but have improved them with new alloys with shape memory. The resulting tire is impossible to puncture, they are able to withstand heavy loads and more weight.

This bus consists of a plurality of springs made of nitinol, an alloy of titanium and Nickel. It has the property of self-healing and in overcoming an obstacle is wrinkled, but quickly return to their original order. In fact, such a bus may get a dent to the disk with the rim, but then again to regain form. In addition, these tires require minimal maintenance, and can serve years. And of course, puncture its impossible as there is nothing to pierce.

Experts are already testing the new tyres on normal cars, like Jeep Wrangler, although it is clear that the tyre is made of titanium alloy, will cost somewhat more than ordinary rubber. On the other hand, and it will serve not as an example longer.

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