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“Levada-center”: one third of Russians think political protests

«Левада-центр»: треть россиян допускают вероятность политических акций протеста

The survey “Levada-center” showed that 29% of Russian citizens admit the possibility of protests. Personally participate in them are willing 19% of respondents, writes “Interfax”.

According to the study, 30% of Russians do not exclude the carrying out of protest actions with requirements of socio-economic nature. In particular, people are willing to rally because of the low standard of living.

It is unlikely the political and economic protests believe 66% and 63% of citizens, respectively. Two-thirds of Russians ruled out the possibility of his participation in such events.


The survey was conducted from 21 to 27 November on a representative sample of urban and rural population, it took part 1610 people from 50 regions of Russia.

A recent joint study of “Levada-center” and the Moscow Carnegie center showed that drastic changes in Russia are 59% of the citizens. The share of Russians who share this view, for the last two years increased by 17%.

While more than half of the residents of the Russian Federation (53%) say that reform is possible only if major changes in the political system. For change with the preservation of the existing system agree 34%.

Society wants radical change, but are afraid of social fees, sociologists ascertain. “Growing dissatisfaction with the work of the state. And all the [desired] changes are not about democracy, but about the people. We need new people, and what — is unclear,” explains the sociologist “Levada-center” Denis Volkov.

Real incomes of Russians are falling for the sixth consecutive year — since the annexation of Crimea and Western sanctions. By 2018, almost 20% of the population of the Russian Federation announced the reduction of salaries (data Ranepa), in 2019 one in four Russians has noticed the deterioration of their financial situation. From Russia currently would like to emigrate, 53% of citizens aged 18 to 24 years. This figure peaked in 2009.

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