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German media and think tanks ‘alarmed’ over RT’s influence

Russia is gaining clout over German public opinion, the tabloid Bild reported on Monday, adding that RT’s German-language news service, RT DE, is playing a central role in this process. Germans appear to be particularly susceptible to what Bild described as Moscow’s “propaganda,” the newspaper said, adding that experts in …

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Think-tank advises US how to avoid war with Russia

The US and its NATO allies need to take a series of steps to avoid a direct conflict with Russia over Ukraine, the Pentagon’s foremost think-tank advised in a report published on Tuesday. Sanctions against Russia have created conditions for one of the escalation pathways already, while the continuing flow …

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Ex-general loses think tank job amid FBI probe

Former Marine General John Allen has stepped down as president and CEO of think tank the Brookings Institution effective Sunday, according to a resignation letter posted to Twitter by a Politico reporter. His departure comes in the midst of an ongoing FBI inquiry into his alleged involvement in an illegal …

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Good times over for EU citizens – think tank

The cost-of-living crisis is expected to worsen across the European Union, marked by increased food, fuel and electricity prices, according to Maria Demertzis, the deputy director of Brussels-based think tank Bruegel. She told Euronews on Thursday that the abnormal inflation is a result of skyrocketing energy prices, which “is affecting …

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What does the West really think about the Ukrainian conflict?

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Society isn’t allowed to think of Johnny Depp as the victim

Much of society, infused by decades of feminist ideology, refuses to perceive Johnny Depp as a possible victim of domestic abuse. More than just a successful actor, Depp represents masculinity, which feminism views as oppression. He is the “Patriarchy” personified. In the fallout of the #MeToo movement, which saw dozens …

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