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Just not to pay people money

Лишь бы не платить людям деньги

Concluding Putin’s speech today was emotionally charged. Without the Pechenegs and Polovtsy, but about the military songs, they are our people closer. Apparently, it worked and took speechwriters who can write a speech that can be called loader.

However, what did not do in order not to pay people money. Worldwide pay, even somewhere more, somewhere less, but the government cares and enters into a social contract — we’re fighting the epidemic and for you it too work, here’s salary for her. But we in the old Soviet, lively and popular traditions is issued moral encouragement. Will tell you what we have done, but we must continue to cherish loved ones because we do not want, as in the story of Jack London.

The people we have, I repeat, everyone knows crazies, which is still very little. Citizens fear of disease, fear for loved ones, ready to go for self-restraint, self-isolation, which incidentally are all very difficult. But, to understand their needs, you need to go down several levels below. Novo-Ogaryovo to come in Sviblovo or in Vykhino and talk to people. They are ready to sit at home, but are forced to not go to the nearest shop and look for cheaper products to feed the children. They are forced to go to work or illegally to cut customers home because they have to buy products cheaper, still need the money. And because Putin is right when he says that the more severe is the withdrawal, the faster it will all end. But the rigor of the isolation depends on the material prosperity of the people. Alisher Usmanov on a yacht or Villa to isolate themselves much easier than working his business with his wife, two children and mother-in-law in one room.

And so do to restore the economy will have then when is all over. But when you talk about payments to people, not the third meeting in a row to instruct the government to develop a package of support measures, especially as they relate to will be mostly crab enterprise Ksenia Sobchak or the producer centre of Igor Krutoy, which is to live in isolation. People still got nothing, even including a discount or exemption from utility payments.

Probably, right now, until may 12, it is impossible to support small business, develop a program to help people keep their job. It is necessary to do, but later. Now we have to give money first for those who went bankrupt, lost their jobs or income. Because when the Minister of health said about the positive dynamics, it is thanks to these people too. They last penny sit at home and think about what to buy food.

Unfortunately, even holidays, including the civil Easter, is the Day of Victory, many will not be able to celebrate in any way, can only lean out the window and sing “Katyusha”. Not because of self-isolation, which are responsible, and because of the dire financial situation. In fact a month and a half people sat and will stay at home. This means that many who lost jobs or were sent on leave at own expense, left no savings. To draw the unemployment benefit is not so simple in the mode of self-isolation, I’m not talking about the fact that it is not all it should be.

To give 20 thousand adults and 10 thousand child is a good support and the citizens of these money earned. They paid taxes, they were told that the NWF for a rainy day… But probably we will not understand, and the Fund for a rainy day Sechin, Rothenberg and other Russian citizens who, according to the Kremlin, in dire need of assistance.

But people need the state… Not only Samothracia to help fight the virus. For example, to pay taxes. And how many will make it, I have no doubt the Russian people are savvy, but thinks that the state should not even taxes. Go into the gray zone… it will be Possible to condemn them for it? No, you cannot. And then what Putin is going after the epidemic to restore the economy? People who are abandoned in difficult times, there will not he any assistants, and all sorts of friends-the oligarchs even more. Ruining the people, you can lead to the collapse of Russia.

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