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It became known to cause mass death of animals on Earth

Стала известна причина массовой гибели животных на ЗемлеScientists have discovered a thermal bubble, which killed all life on Earth.

Scientists from the United States of America said that they knew the biggest reason that the Earth extinct animals and birds.

They said that on the flora and fauna affected by the thermal bubble. This phenomenon is abnormal rather than natural. The bubble is located in the Pacific ocean. It stretches almost 10 million square kilometres. That is, the size is impressive, as is its impact on nature.

Scientists observe how nature dies in 2013. Over the years they were able to determine that the Pacific ocean has a huge thermal area, which affects the entire planet. In particular, the bladder provokes an increase in temperature of the Pacific water.This in turn allows you to grow blooming algae, which poison the water. In result, it killed many sea creatures, from plants to fish and animals.

In addition, the thermal bubble can change the direction of the winds, which in turn leads to climate change on land. All together, this leads to irreversible climate change. How to deal with this, scientists do not yet know.

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