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It became known that increases the number of lightning

Стало известно, что увеличивает количество молнийA new study has shown that the increase in the number of lightning storms in the sea are guilty of the exhaust gases from the diesel cargo ships.

In the oceans, the routes of movement of cargo ships and now it turned out that in these areas the weather is dramatically different. The fumes from burning diesel fuel is one of the major pollutants, it is more dangerous to human health than gasoline fumes, and only in Europe annually causes 5000 premature deaths.

Now it is established that the exhaust gases are also responsible for the increase in the number of lightning in the sea, reports a team of researchers from the University of Washington. Scientists have found that lightning strikes occur almost twice as often directly over two intense routes of shipping, compared with neighboring ocean areas with a similar climate. This difference in the sky above the Indian ocean and the South China sea cannot be due solely to changes in the weather, said the researchers.

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“We have created a map of lightning and combined it with a map of the routes of ships, and it was obvious that the ships are somehow involved in the increase in the number of thunderstorms,” says lead researcher Joel Thornton.

Clouds formed in the atmosphere of water vapor, and scientists for decades, experimenting on the creation of clouds, to solve the problem of drought. Particles in the exhaust from the burnt diesel fuel can collect around themselves the water vapor. The result is a small and light particles clouds which rise higher into the atmosphere, past the line of freezing. Then the clouds collide with one another, creating lightning. Scientists have studied about 1.5 billion lightning strikes, produced between 2005 and 2016 years, and believe that their results represent the first evidence that humans are influencing the formation of clouds on a permanent basis.

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