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Deadly lightning storms kill nearly 70 people across India

A total of 68 people have been killed in the deadly weather event, which hit Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan on Sunday, local media said.  There are scattered reports detailing casualties, but in many cases, the specific circumstances that led to the deaths have not yet been disclosed.  In …

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Died from a lightning strike

What will happen if lightning strike? The you have two options: you either die or you don’t, forever leaving the body of a strange, but beautiful pattern. That people experience where lightning struck, but they were still alive? According to statistics, out of 10 people in which struck by lightning, …

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Scientists made an interesting discovery about lightning

Japanese physicists have managed to detect that lightning cause the transformation of atomic nuclei.Previously it was thought that this may be formed only by a series of reactions provoked by cosmic rays. Nuclear reaction, scientists were able to capture during a storm in Japan in winter this year. As the …

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Powerful lightning struck in flying a passenger liner. Video

Fortunately, after a lightning strike, the passengers of the plane were not injured. Videographer under the name Valk Aviation, apparently, and thought how he was lucky when he once again came to shoot the take-off of aircraft at the airport “Schiphol” in Amsterdam. Valk Aviation for several years shooting videos, …

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Powerful lightning nearly killed 12-year-old boy. Video

Scary moment in the video, accidentally shot the child’s mother. Young Argentinian miraculously survived after a lightning strike. The incident was caught on his unsuspecting mother. 12-year-old boy during a thunderstorm played on the street. His mother Carolina Kotur started shooting, seeing that the son is under a drain pipe, …

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