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In the Donbass more Russian tanks than all of Western Europe, – Volker

На Донбассе больше российских танков, чем у всех стран Западной Европы, - ВолкерLethal weapon the United States to Ukraine will provoke Russia to escalate the conflict, the Ambassador said.

The US special envoy Kurt Volker commented on the possible escalation of the situation in Ukraine by Russia if the US will agree to give a lethal weapon. He told about it in interview “date”.

He is confident that the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine will provoke Russia into even more aggression, and will not change the balance of forces of the warring parties.

“First, Russia is already in Ukraine with all their heavy weapons. There are now more Russian tanks than there are in all countries of Western Europe combined. It is very, very large military contingent. And near the border of Ukraine is concentrated even more contingent. Russia has every right to do so. This is her territory, and they can place there as many military as you want. So it will not provoke Russia to do something they have not done. And it will not be able to change the balance of power,” said Walker.

In his opinion, Ukraine will have the opportunity to defend themselves from Russia if they get American weapons.

“If we adopt this solution, it will give Ukraine the ability to defend themselves in case if Russia takes further steps on Ukrainian territory. Russia says it does nothing and is not going to do that. And if so, the delivery of protective arms is not responsible then for anyone no risk,” added the special representative of the United States.

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