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Europe must ‘open debate’ on its own nuclear force – Macron

France must open a debate on building up a pan-European defense capability, to include rethinking its own nuclear potential, French President Emmanuel Macron has said. Speaking to a group of young people at the European School in Strasbourg on Friday, Macron stressed that while France is already protected by NATO, …

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Zelensky meets top US general in Europe

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky met Christopher Cavoli, the top general in the US European Command (EUCOM) and the most senior NATO military leader, during a trip to Germany on Thursday. Zelensky, who arrived in Germany on the last leg of his foreign tour this week, met Cavoli at the Lucius …

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Ukraine can be ‘new Korea’ – ex-NATO commander in Europe

Ukraine will experience a “Korean-style miracle” if it stops fighting, gets limited NATO protection and rapidly rebuilds, preferably paid for by Russian money, according to retired US Admiral James Stavridis, NATO’s former top commander in Europe. The retired naval officer offered a three-point plan for Ukraine in a column published …

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Russia promises response to US nuclear deployment in Europe

Russia must to react to the threat posed by US nuclear weapons deployed in Europe, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday, while accusing the West of openly waging a “real war” against Moscow. Speaking at a forum dedicated to Eurasian security in Belarusian capital Minsk, Lavrov reiterated Russia’s criticism …

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‘One of Europe’s top right-wing extremists’: Who is the Neo-Nazi behind this week’s Ukrainian attack in Russia’s Bryansk region?

On Thursday morning, a group of armed operatives crossed the border from Ukraine into Russia’s Bryansk Region. The so-called Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK; or Russkiy dobrovol’cheskiy korpus), consisting of Russians fighting for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, claimed responsibility for the incursion. President Vladimir Putin branded the incident “yet another terrorist …

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Europe needs ‘NATO’ without US – Orban

Europe needs its own military bloc, one that’s free of American influence, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the Swiss Weltwoche weekly on Thursday. The US is dragging Europe into a conflict that cannot be won and risks a global war, he believes. “The solution would be a European NATO,” …

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