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Western hardware destroyed in Ukraine – Moscow

Moscow’s military struck several Western-supplied and Soviet-era systems during the latest fighting in Ukraine, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said. During the past 24 hours, a US-made Paladin self-propelled howitzer was eliminated by counter-battery fire in Russia’s Zaporozhye Region, the ministry said in a statement on Sunday. Two American-supplied M777 howitzers …

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Ilya Kramnik: Supplying depleted uranium shells is the latest Western attempt to hide its guilty secret in Ukraine

Last week, the United States announced two new military aid packages for Ukraine. One of these, disclosed on September 7, includes ammunition for HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, 105-mm caliber artillery shells, electronic warfare and counter-electronic warfare equipment, demolition munitions for obstacle clearing, as well as training equipment for the …

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Ukrainian drones downed in Western Russia

Russia has shot down seven Ukrainian drones as they traveled over Kaluga Region, civilian and military officials report. Kiev recently attempted two UAV attacks on the Russian capital. The interception of six UAVs was first reported on Thursday morning by the region’s governor, Vladislav Shapsha, who said the aircraft were …

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Ukraine giving up on Western battle tactics – NYT

The Ukrainian military is abandoning the battle tactics of its Western trainers and returning to a strategy of longer-range stand-offs against Russian forces, the New York Times reported on Wednesday. However, it remains unclear whether Kiev has enough ammunition to sustain such a plan. Since it began in early June, …

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Africa defiant amid Western pressure to snub Moscow – diplomat

Western countries have tried to strong-arm African nations into skipping a major summit with Russia set to begin later this week in St. Petersburg but have failed in their efforts, Moscow’s ambassador-at-large Oleg Ozerov has said. In an interview with RIA Novosti released on Tuesday, Ozerov, who is also the …

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