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In Spain has discovered a unique ancient prints

В Испании обнаружили уникальные древние отпечаткиScientists in Spain found traces of unknown huge reptiles

Old fossilized traces of unidentified reptiles were found in Spain.

Scientists say that this creature lived over 250 million years ago. According to paleontologists, this kind of reptiles gave rise to dinosaurs and crocodiles. It is noted that in a time when this reptile existed, the Earth has lost 90% of animal species. These scientific insights made by the group of scientists from the Autonomous universiteta Barcelona

It is known that the length of each trace of the reptiles were equal to 50 centimeters! However, it is also Nochnye these state that some traces was equal to three meters. Specifically this kind of reptiles paleontologists gave the name Prorotodactylus mesaxonichnus.

В Испании обнаружили уникальные древние отпечатки

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