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In Mozambique over the study of “the lost world”

В Мозамбике закончилось изучение «затерянного мира»The lost world was opened by the British Julian Bayliss.

We are talking about the land of the tropics in the centre of the country. It is located on top of a mountain with steep slopes, so the expedition went only to experienced climbers.

“The lost world” in Mozambique opened the Briton Julian Bayliss in 2012 with the help of Google Earth. He has long studied the terrain until I saw the mountain Mabu. He also saw a stone ledge jutting out in the middle of the basin: the crater of an extinct volcano. In the data collection process the researcher realized that even residents of nearby towns know nothing about the inhabitants of the mountains.

In place of the “lost world” Bayless and the rest of the group of researchers, mountaineers from several countries and universities have made camp at the foot of the mountain. Climbers on top of the found what was once pristine rainforest, as well as species of butterfly, not yet familiar to science. Processing will take scientists several months.

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