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In Italy have unearthed a unique ancient clock

В Италии раскопали уникальные древние часы On the excavation of the ruins of an ancient city found a well-preserved Roman watch.

In the course of excavations of the ancient theater in ancient Roman city of Interamna-Sirenas (near the modern city of Pignataro-Intuna, Central Italy) was discovered well-preserved sundial age of about 2000 years.

Safe left not only the clock but also the inscriptions on them, which allowed to establish who owned the device. The clock was owned by the plebeian tribunes mark Novyi Tubule, son Mark. The text clarifies that “gadget” was made at the expense of this gentleman, according to the website of the University of Cambridge.

It is noted that Tubula (translated as “little tube”) — gens that are unique to this city. Archaeologists put forward the theory that with the help of hours official celebrated his election to the rostrum. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Carved from a block of limestone (54 x 35 x 25 cm), the solar watches have a concave front side, on which was engraved the 11 hour lines (marking the 12 hours of daylight). These bands intersect the three curves, which indicate the relative season of the winter solstice, equinox and summer solstice. Although the iron gnomon (needle and shade) is lost, part of it still remains under the lead mount. This type of “spherical” solar hours was relatively common in the Roman period and was known as Hemicycle.

Although the artifact was found in ancient theatre, which in the middle Ages served as a source of building material, the researchers suggest that the watch in the era of the ancient Empire was mounted on a tall column in the local forum. Apparently, medieval Italians, managersteve on the ruins, dropped the device and the pillar and took with them.Go to the Main page

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