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In Iraq under the ruins of the ancient city has found a unique Palace

В Ираке под развалинами древнего города нашли уникальный дворецThe Palace belonged to the Creator of the tower of Babel

In Iraq, near the city of Mosul, was discovered a Palace of the Assyrian king, Esarhaddon under the ruins of the ancient city of Nimrud, which was destroyed by terrorists of “ISIS”.

Ancient structure found troops of the Iraqi army along with Kurdish militias “Peshmerga”.

Even in 2015, terrorists destroyed by heavy machinery, the ruins of the ancient capital of the Assyrian Kingdom. And in early 2017, the Islamists blew up the Shrine of the biblical prophet Jonah during the retreat from occupied Eastern part of Mosul. They used the building as a fortified point.

According to the representative of Kurds who took part in operations in East Mosul, Iraqi forces discovered the walls of the Palace of the Assyrian king of Asarhaddon when examined underground communications of terrorists. The ruler was the head of Ancient Assyria from about 680 in 669 BC. In addition, before the accession to the Assyrian throne, Esarhaddon was the Governor of Babylon. In the first years of his reign he ordered to rebuild the city and to erect in it a tower 90 meters high. In later legends she is mentioned as the tower of Babel and went down in history under the same name.

It should be noted that the area taken under special control until the arrival in Baghdad of the special Commission to study the object.

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