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In Egypt, archaeologists made a unique discovery

В Египте археологи сделали уникальное открытиеArcheologists accidentally unearthed a statue of the grandmother of Tutankhamun.

Archaeologists during restoration work in the funerary temple on the West Bank of the Nile discovered an unknown statue of tut’s grandmother, Queen Tiye, also called Tiu, Ty, Ty, Ty, Thei, TWA, Tuija and Thua and was called “the great wife” of Amenhotep III.

The age of the sculpture is about 3400 years old and she is made in full growth of alabaster. Ment found, when workers lifted part of the statue of Amenhotep III, under which was buried his wife.

It is reported that Tiya is not from a noble family, but her father was a priest. Amenhotep III took a beauty in the couple in the second year of his reign (1385 BC). They had six children, including Akhenaten, famous for the fact that adopted in Egypt, the cult of Aton. Ancient papyri show that a considerable influence in this Pharaoh had his mother. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It is known that TIA died in about 1340 BC. According to the hypotheses of the scientists, she was originally buried in the tomb of Akhenaten. After the collapse of the cult of Aten, moved the mummies of Akhenaton and reburied in the valley of the kings.

We will remind, the grandson of the TII and the son of Akhenaten – Tutankhamun came to reign at the age of 10 years and died before the age of 19. Famous king tut because his tomb had not been looted, and discovered it in the twenties of the last century, the values can be seen in museums.

В Египте археологи сделали уникальное открытие

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