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In Dubai will build a unique city

В Дубае построят уникальный город Reveal the secret.

In Dubai announced an unusual project city: Mars City will be a Scientific simulation, which allows to study the conditions of life on the red planet.

In 2006, Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum opened the national space centre named after him (The Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre Space or MBRSC), and after 8 years, the center’s specialists have begun work on a program Emirates Mars Mission.

It is planned that in 2020 to Mars will be sent a drone that will collect data about the atmosphere. Not excluding that in the long term on Mars to land and people, MBRSC will now proceed to study the conditions of life on the red planet. To do this in the desert outside of Dubai, you will create a simulation of the Mars Scientific City, which is located scientists and engineers, tells National Geographic.

The project is estimated to cost 500 million dirhams ($136 million), construction will be completed in 2020. The area of the “Martian city” would amount to 177 000 m2 (for comparison: the area of the Moscow Zaryadye Park is 102 000 m2).

The building, having the shape of a dome, will be printed on a 3D printer. Inside them will be equipped with residential and academic facilities, including laboratories and greenhouses. Experts will test the technologies that produce food, water and energy. In the “city” will house a Museum that will be able to visit everyone.

The surface gravity of Mars is 62% less than on Earth. Much lower there and the air temperature. In addition, the Red planet has no magnetic field sufficient to protect from harmful ultraviolet radiation. These factors are considered when creating a Mars Scientific City: the “residents” of innovative space of the city” to develop the principles of survival in such conditions.

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The first phase of experiments it will take years, and the mission itself bears the name of The Mars Project 2117, that is, the program is designed for at least a hundred years.

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