Sunday , December 5 2021
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Why EU will never out-build China’s Belt and Road

On Wednesday the European Commission revealed a proposed €300 billion Euro fund to take on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, titled “the global gateway”. The project strives for member states and private sector financiers to come together and invest in an “alternative” for infrastructure needs across the developing world. It …

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China’s nuclear weapons build-up signals a new arms race

Over the past few weeks, the Financial Times has carried a number of stories based around deliberate leaks and interviews from the Pentagon. It was the FT, for example, that broke the news about China’s apparent hypersonic missile test.  The stories all have a common theme and focus – to dramatically …

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‘Guys no longer needed?’: Biden’s Build Back Better slideshow dubbed a dystopian display of relying on govt from ‘cradle to grave’

The slideshow is part of a White House release highlighting the potential benefits of Biden’s proposal, which has been continuously held up in congressional negotiations.  In the animations, a pregnant woman named Linda is shown. She is described as a “production worker” who makes $40,000 a year. Subsequent slides then …

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