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In Crimea archaeologists have discovered a sensational find

В Крыму археологи обнаружили сенсационную находкуFound mammoth bones coated the simplest pattern.

In the course of archaeological excavations, scientists discovered on the territory of Crimea several interesting exhibits. Among the findings were found a tooth that belonged to a Neanderthal who lived approximately 80 thousand years ago.

A group of researchers from the Simferopol Institute of archaeology, studied ancient settlements of the Neanderthals “Pascalina V”, which is situated in Belogorskiy district of the Peninsula. They were found many artifacts.

“Found the mammoth bones coated the simplest pattern. It gives the right to speak about the presence of primitive art the ancient inhabitants of this region. A special place among the obtained findings is given to the tooth of an ancient man. The most conservative estimate, his age is not less than 80 thousand years. It can be attributed to the most ancient discoveries of the East-European region. Such things are of special value in the eyes of the scientific world. Their importance to the research it is difficult to Express in financial terms,” said the archaeologists.Go to the Main page

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