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In China have discovered the remains of ancient creatures

В Китае обнаружили останки древнейшего существа The object may be of extraterrestrial origin.

In China, in Yunnan province, was found a strange creature, or rather, its remains. Scientists have determined that the age of the mysterious creatures of 500 million years.

Experts are still not sure who exactly found, so at first attributed to the organism of alien origin. However, the scientists from Oxford and Yunnan universities such conclusions were not satisfied.

Unknown science was named Allonnia nuda, it belongs to the animal called caseload period of existence which does not fit into the established scientists of the tree of life. As suggested by some experts, a sea creature may be the ancestor of modern sponges, however, many experts have criticized this theory.

The body of the “alien” was covered with spines. The creature lived in the period of the emergence of evolutionary “explosion” of the Cambrian period. It is worth noting that in the last century, similar creatures have been found, then cancelloides wanted to “push” the tree of life, but it never happened.

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