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In Britain, scientists have made a unique discovery

В Британии ученые сделали уникальное открытиеScientists accidentally discovered another Stonehenge.

British scientists announced the discovery of another of Stonehenge. That is, they found, of course, the other object, but it is very similar to a famous ancient monument. The mound was discovered in Wales.

She immediately caught the attention of scientists, because of similarities with Stonehenge means something.

A mound in this region was found long ago. It was opened in 1865. But at the time, especially the excavation was not conducted, therefore, the object features identified and was not. In the last three years here already actively digging. It was determined that mound Bryn Kelly Di (this name is the mound in Wales) are very similar to ancient Stonehenge. It also consists of burial chambers and spaces for ritual performances. Some of the premises of the mound in Wales are made in such a way that the light gets them only during the summer solstice. The rest of the time the sun’s rays here don’t get. This again confirms the ritual purpose of the object.

The researchers tested the Brin-Kelly-Di radar. He showed that under the ground at that place there are still many graves. Among them, researchers will be able to find a lot of interesting things. Especially when you consider that the Kurgan is 500 years older than Stonehenge.

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