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In Antarctica discovered the lost posusney ball

В Антарктиде обнаружили потерянный возушный шарResearch balloon found a year after it went missing

Scientists from the American Agency NASA has managed to find and restore considered lost the balloon, which had a telescope from Antarctica. The discovery was made after a year of his flight.

These agencies say that the balloon flew approximately 40 kilometers over the Arctic continent for twelve days, beginning from January of last year, while experts did not agree to send the command in order to be able to pick it up. A balloon with a telescope fell to the ground in the area of Queen Maud in Antarctica, where he remained on the ice throughout the year.

“Scientists were able very quickly to recover data from NASA-funded mission called GRISP (Gamma-Ray Imager / Polarimeter for Solar flares). Bad weather, however, had to leave the other instruments on the ice and then scientists had to start planning already for next year,” — said in a statement published by NASA on February 25. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Tools to restore finally failed in January of this year, when it was relatively warm and safe enough for the scientists to carry out a flight for evacuation.

“Despite the fact that the telescope stayed on the ice during the year, no snow to electronics not included. All devices are in excellent condition and we are very hopeful that we will be able to use some of them soon again,” said Hazel Bain.

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