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Honored ? As the expelled inventor electronics

Заслуженный ? Как выгнали изобретателя-электронщика

For me any activity, devoid of elements of creativity, always seemed colorless, tasteless. And by hook or by crook always managed to avoid routine work. Regardless of the profile of the office, position, type and direction of planned works, the main thing that I was always serious about was personal (usually in close collaboration with talented colleagues), scientific work, completing articles in scientific journals, and invention that is terminated by Copyright certificates of the USSR (for the younger readers I will explain that this patent have a world novelty, the owner of which was the state 100% and 0% to the author) and their implementation in geopromyshlenniki.

Most often, superiors did not like my claim to independence and creative attempts, distracting from the main Shrine – the fulfillment of the plan.

But slowly I adapted: as far as possible, take these bosses co-operate, by way of fulfilling imposed on top of the items so-called “socialist commitment” to creative work. The boss was pleased to take part in receiving the crumbs of royalties (all in all it was supposed no more than a ridiculous 4% of the savings resulting from the introduction) and premium assistance.

Furthermore, not once enjoyed the protection of the State: to use the right of filing for an invention, regardless of the will of his superiors. Sickening to introduce American and German decisions of two decades ago.

In his youth, for the affirmation it seemed significant that once in Leningrad VNIIMS (for power radiobuilding Comintern) my picture hung on the wall of fame with the caption “Best inventor of the Institute”. Every morning I walked to work from Leo Tolstoy square to the Eleventh line of Vasilievsky island, and this time it was for me the most creative and blessed. My brain was clean, with full dedication, “this is my body…”.

Then, in search of a better life, he defended his thesis and many jumped at the Leningrad different offices. The number of Author’s certificates of USSR and patents of Russia have close to one hundred. I think that it is difficult to find such a Patriotic town, which is not furcillo if some of my inventions, mainly in the field of power electronics.

About Peter Novis “Prose of scientific cooperation”

Some of my inventions are used and abroad.

Tried to avoid “defense” work, and however many Copyright certificates of the USSR, I have ended up with classified as DSP (restricted), that is, their description even bring home formally not allowed, and any advertisement of their own inventions – criminal. The term “plasma torch for metal cutting” wise men recommended that an idiot called “burner”, otherwise it’s terribly secret. Even today I can find no way to read their “grifomania” Copyright certificates of the USSR in the Internet publications of Rospatent (maybe someone from aidarkulov advise how it can be done).

However, this automatically delayed job growth. Fortunately, creativity for me has always been many times more expensive. Moreover, in my view, in General, always and in all civilized countries the main purpose of any engineer is to create new technology, which takes the form of patented methods or devices. If not, then despite any diplomas, hard work, technical skills or managerial abilities, – no engineer.

Of course, for the possibility of its existence, the engineer needs under capitalism to get on with the business, and under socialism – to play the fool and struggle with secrecy and bureaucracy. These maxims I usually hide, not to be too obvious “enemy of the people”. And many of this people have said to my face that my work smells of individualism, which at the time was considered extremely sinful.

And once before perestroika, potenciales Acts on an invention, I took my Copyright certificates and Protocols of their implementation in the National economy and was held in the office of the high Chief in our Leningrad “, Palace of Labour” and began to moan about the possibility of assigning me the title “Honored inventor of the RSFSR”.

After listening to me, the Chief laughed and said that everything is fine, but I didn’t bring the paper home: my “Premium list” that I have to draw the Party Committee of the enterprise at my place of work.

Here already and I laughed and told the Chief that in our company the Party Committee focusing most technically uneducated servants who at all desire, in principle, are not able to invent anything except a heap of bureaucratic paperwork, and to understand the essence of others ‘ patents you will not be able even more.

Now, if it to charge to perform stand with your favorite people the Kremlin leaders, they of course, it would perform perfectly well, placing in the centre of the Main Portrait, next to a few pictures smaller, and fines would be placed on the sides –very small. After all, some of them deservedly so already gave the order…

Then the Chief stopped laughing and kicked me out of the office…

Author =Peter Novis


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