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Honored ? As the expelled inventor electronics

For me any activity, devoid of elements of creativity, always seemed colorless, tasteless. And by hook or by crook always managed to avoid routine work. Regardless of the profile of the office, position, type and direction of planned works, the main thing that I was always serious about was personal …

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In Ukraine honored the memory of Hitler’s henchmen

Worship service near the monument to fighters of “the organization of Ukrainian nationalists — Ukrainian insurgent army” (UPA, a movement banned in Russia) who died in “an unequal battle with the Bolshevik invaders in 1944”, was in the town of Vishnevets, Ternopil region. About this on his page in Facebook …

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In Berlin honored the memory of Holodomor victims

In Berlin joined the action “light a candle”.Activists gathered in front of the Brandenburg gate at 16.00 local time. “In order for it to not be forgotten that such crimes, such a sacrifice is not repeated, we submit a petition to the government of the FRG to the Holodomor was …

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In Ukraine honored the memory of victims of Holodomor

National Day of remembrance of the victims of Holodomor will be held throughout Ukraine and in 32 countries.Today Ukraine honors memory of victims of Holodomor – million Ukrainians destroyed by the totalitarian Communist regime. The day of memory of victims of Holodomor is celebrated annually on the fourth Saturday of …

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The memory of AquaWay honored in the U.S. Congress. Video

Marcy Kaptur believes Okueva a symbol of brave Ukrainian women. U.S. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, in his speech in the House of representatives of the United States Congress honored the memory of the participants of the ATO Amines AquaWay killed near Kiev, and urged the world to work together with Ukraine …

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The artist honored the memory of AquaWay original cartoon

Aminu Okueva killed last night. Famous Ukrainian artist Yuriy Zhuravel dedicated the cartoon to the deceased Chechen volunteer ATO Amin Okueva. He has posted on his page in Facebook. “Aminka Okueva… She was murdered today in the rear. Where is he, back? Where is the front? A truce? Look! War …

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