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Honored ? As the expelled inventor electronics

For me any activity, devoid of elements of creativity, always seemed colorless, tasteless. And by hook or by crook always managed to avoid routine work. Regardless of the profile of the office, position, type and direction of planned works, the main thing that I was always serious about was personal …

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“Mail of Russia” engaged in the sale of mobile electronics

The beloved “Mail of Russia” opened a new trading floor “Postmarket” a year ago, and tonight she added to different mobile electronics – smartphones, tablets and their ilk. No, it’s not the gadgets that disappear somewhere on the way between sender and recipient – sell new devices, warranty. To evaluate …

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Discount prices on mobile electronics Xiaomi

Xiaomi company known for inexpensive but high-quality and powerful gadgets. In the online shop GearBest, you can buy them with an additional discount and free shipping, which is very important in the conditions of crisis of Russian economy. Today prices have been reduced on tablets, smartphones and set-top boxes Xiaomi. …

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The US wants to ban electronics on Board the aircraft

In the United States may prohibit the transportation of electronics in the cabin from Europe.In the United States could extend the ban on the transportation of electronics by passengers in carry-on baggage on flights from Europe. Ban USA on the hand electronics in hand Luggage now as for some of …

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Militants in Syria use weapons with Russian electronics

The Syrian militants found night vision devices with the latest electronics from Russia. Military experts of the Russian Federation found that the snipers of terrorist groups “Islamic state” and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” used night vision scopes with electronics, produced at Russian enterprises. It is noted that the intelligence personnel and Russian …

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Kiev: unknown made robbery at the electronics store

Attacked shop “technics”. The capital of the store, and made assault. About it reports Kyiv Operational. The incident occurred yesterday evening, on Melnikova street near the metro station “Lukyanovskaya”. You know, that attack on an electronics store “technics”. As reported, the unknown in the mask ran into the store, splashed …

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