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“Hate”: Sobchak trashed the government’s economic policy of Russia

«Ненавижу»: Собчак разнесла экономическую политику властей России

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak protested undertaken by the leadership of the Central Bank measures. In his Telegram, it published their own opinion about the limitations of the cash that banks have recommended the Central Bank. “The Central Bank has gone mad”, – said Sobchak.

«Ненавижу»: Собчак разнесла экономическую политику властей России

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Allow to limit cash withdrawals from ATMs in the collapse of the ruble – what is that measure?”, – she asked a rhetorical question. She also believes that there may be some connection with the coronavirus. Cash has always been more expensive than cashless, and now it will be impossible to apply incentives to banks, which found problems with the cash. In addition, many were witnesses to the fact that the stores declare that they only accept cash.

In the country and so the chaos due to the collapse of the ruble, reminded Sobchak. For cash withdrawal at ATMs charge a percentage, and often quite large. “The ruble has fallen off, the interest rate in banks – shit, now cash…. bitches. Hate” – firmly in favor of a pop diva.

Earlier decisions of the Central Bank was criticized standing on the opposite Sobchak position, the economist Mikhail Delyagin. He is convinced that Russia will soon experience a serious economic crisis, and the reason is the damage to the economy caused by the coronavirus.

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