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NATO member tells US of new defense policy

Slovakia is seeking to review the Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) with the United States to ensure that the deal remains “mutually beneficial,” and as a result will halt arms shipments to Ukraine, the newly-appointed Defense Minister Robert Kalinak has announced. “When things ain’t working out you need to fix it,” Robert …

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Russia’s revised foreign policy doctrine: Key points

Offering a glimpse into the nation’s strategic priorities beyond its borders, Russia has released its updated foreign policy doctrine, signed into effect by President Vladimir Putin on Friday. With significant implications for Moscow’s relationships with key players around the world, the document will undoubtedly be closely scrutinized in the weeks …

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Putin approves new foreign policy concept

President Vladimir Putin has signed an updated version of the nation’s foreign policy concept, with a focus on Western efforts to undermine Russia amid the Ukraine conflict. Putin explained that the key document had to be altered due to “drastic changes” in the international landscape. The move was announced by …

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Ukraine has policy of executing POWs – Russia

A “barbarous killing of Russian prisoners of war” is just the latest in a series of war crimes committed by Ukrainian troops, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday. The statement came after videos that surfaced online purportedly showed executed Russian servicemen after they surrendered. “This is a widespread practice of …

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China releases paper on Taiwan reunification policy

Beijing wants peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but foreign powers meddling in Chinese domestic affairs and encouraging secession on the self-ruled island make it necessary to retain the use of force as an option, a Chinese white paper has said. “We will work with the greatest sincerity and exert our utmost …

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Hillary Clinton has criticized Emmanuel Macron’s policy towards Russia – the French leader should take it as a compliment

Former US Secretary of State, First Lady, Senator, and failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, passed through Paris last week, and seized an opportunity to chastise French President Emmanuel Macron on his own turf.  Clinton was interviewed on state broadcaster Radio France by Christine Ockrent – the journalist wife of former …

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Ukraine calls Germany’s policy ‘disgrace’

Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andrey Melnyk, on Sunday blasted the lack of heavy arms supply from Berlin to prop up Kiev in its fight against Moscow, accusing German authorities of refusing to supply even “old” hardware to the country. “German government cynically refuses to supply us even with old Leopard-1 …

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